6 Epic Holiday Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents


It’s not too late! The 2016 holiday season is well under way, and the opportunity to make personal connections is huge! Put your special stamp on these creative marketing opportunities.

Make a warm lasting impact this December, and give yourself the gift of leads in 2017!

1. Bottles of Wine are a holiday favorite, of course. Show your special clients or most promising prospects your good taste by giving them the gift of vino. Add your personal touch with a customized label consistent with your brand.

2. Brand Some Candy with your logo and your own personal touch. Choose some hard candy that fits with your personal brand, a candy cane with your business card attached, or some Hershey kisses in a small mesh bag.

3. Christmas Cards. An obvious one that’s often not executed properly. Your cards should be consistent with your brand in the overall message they send. If Thomas Kincaid isn’t your thing, don’t send a holiday card with a “moonlit village” vibe. Include your personal hand-written message.

4. Calendars are a classic holiday giveaway for RE agents, and there’s still a way to do it well. In lieu of pocket calendars, try a magnet with a cool design.

5. Cookie Flyer. Put your best Christmas recipe on a branded flyer, and hit the holiday pavement.

6. Create a contest on social media. Examples: Picture with Santa contest, “caption this photo” contest, coloring contest. If you’re not into creating a contest, try a holiday drawing!

Cheers to the holiday hustle!

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