Top 5 Best Real Estate Agent Websites 2016

Video killed the radio star, and cookie-cutter branding is killing the real estate agent. The market is saturated with real estate agents whose mundane photos and unvarying websites are crippling their efforts to stand out. Don’t let that happen to you.

It’s the time of year for reflection and planning, so we put together some amazing real estate agent websites to inspire you in the coming year.

1. Peak Properties—Cheyenne, WY

Why we love it: You know what they’re all about at first glance–they’re ALL about Wyoming. They understand the lifestyle, the people, and the market. The site elicits strength and warmth but above all–it speaks directly to their client.


2. David Anthonie–Los Angeles, CA

Why we love it: David comes to life in his videos featured on the homepage and one immediately feels a more personal connection. He’s unapologetically putting himself out there—and we dig that. Bold typography and gigantic images turn this site into a work of art.


3. The Boutique Real Estate Group—Orange County, CA

Why we love it: It’s more Orange County than the housewives. The quintessential OC videos captivate the target audience immediately, and their passion is made clear. If you want to sell luxury, having a website like this one is a good start. In this case, packaging is everything. Does Cartier send you home with your purchase in a Ziploc bag?


4. The 360 Group—Pittsburgh, PA

Why we love it: They’re having fun. While they’re not the first to be inspired by the “Abbey Road” album cover, the image works well to project their energetic vibe. Their site’s flat design is clean and user friendly. The vibe is fresh, and it’s obvious they mean business.


5. Bronx Experts Realty – Bronx, NY

Why we love it: The image on the cover page is Gotham City meets Sim City—a combination that somehow works brilliantly. It’s evident that these guys understand Bronx, “Noo Yawk”. Their blog and other content is focused and useful to their prospective clients. After all, “this ain’t New York. This is the Bronx.”

No matter your goals, aim high, be bold, and break the mold! This is your year.